How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?

True friends' messages encourage action. Between the Blue Oxen Catalyst event, and Engelbart's 81st birthday party today at Stanford, one message came through loud and clear from my friends and colleagues: "You've gotta get out more; you've become a hermit. And blog -- you've gotta blog."

In retrospect, of course they're right. The time demands over the last several years has been immense, but there's a richness to my personal life that happily lures my discretionary moments. And I write so much through my day job, that writing/blogging has no power to entice my hands when a synthesizer and guitar are in the same room.

So, OK. Time to start getting out more. And blogging, occassionally.

Thank you, friends. Camaradarie trumps solo pursuits. At least most times.