The Seven Principles of Lean Software Development

#1 Eliminate Waste
  • Remove all non-value adding waste
  • Myth: Early specification reduces waste
#2 Build Quality In
  • Use inspection to prevent defects, not recognize them afterwards
  • Myth: The job of testing is to find defects
#3 Create Knowledge
  • Use feedback every step of the way; only then can complexity be tamed -- it's never available beforehand
  • Myth: Predictions create predictability
#4 Defer Commitment
  • Schedule irreversible decisions to occur at the last possible moment
  • Myth: Planning is commitment
#5 Deliver Fast
  • Minimize time from concept to cash by maximizing throughput
  • Myth: Haste makes waste
#6 Respect People
  • Use responsibility based planning and control; reward sphere of impact, not span of control
  • Myth: There is one best way
#7 Optimize the Whole
  • A lean organization optimizes the entire value stream; any other optimization is sub-optimal for the overall organization
  • Myth: Optimize by decomposition
From: Implementing Lean Software Development by Mary and Tom Poppendieck, Addison- Wesley, 2007